Which Are The Best Search Engine Optimization Practices?

seo best practices

Search Engine Optimization is very important for a business to succeed in today’s digital world and is very important to bring traffic to your website.

It is probably the best way to boost your business because you don’t have to pay for the advertisements.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that you apply to attract traffic through organic search results. Organic search means unpaid results as opposed to paid search results (pay per click advertisements).

Organic search results depend upon many factors including users’ experience, backlinks, domain authority, website response time, etc.

People tend to click the first search results which Google shows them and this makes the SEO even more important in this heavily digitalized business environment.

seo practices

It is not an easy task for businesses to optimize their website but some highly practical SEO techniques can really help a business to grow the traffic on their websites.

Some of the most important techniques are given below.

  • Keyword research is a key factor in search engine optimization 

Keyword research is one of the most important SEO techniques that you can apply to your website. Research for the keywords which you think your target audience is searching for.

Use tools like Google Trends and Alexa’s keyword difficulty tool to have a look at the search term’s competitiveness.

Make a list of your targeted keywords and allocate one primary keyword per page on your website, insert your keywords in the meta title and description of your web page.

Make sure that you don’t allocate the same keyword to more than one page on your site.

Use your keywords in the URL of the site and also include your keywords in your paragraph but make sure that you don’t stuff your content with the keywords. Your keywords density should not be more than 3 % of your content.

  • Length of content

Content should be longer. If you are writing a blog try to write longer content. Content should not be less than 600 words.  Longer content tends to attract backlinks which is a key factor in the ranking of a page. If you write 1000-2000 words then it is good.

But remember that if you stuff your content with keywords then it is no good for your site. It is not necessary that Google will rank your content only on the basis of word count. 

Your content should also be relevant to the users’ queries and it should give a good experience to them.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

These days people use mobile phones to search for more than desktops. This fact has made AMP an utter necessity for the Search Engine Optimization of a website. Your site can only rank high on a mobile device if AMP has been properly implemented on it. 

  • Website Structure Plays An Important Role In Search Engine Optimization

Website structure is a very important factor for the ranking of your website. Website structure tells  Google about the most important pages of your site.

Site structure means organizing your website content. Your content should be categorized and grouped in a proper way. You should remove unnecessary and old content on your site and consistently work on making your site clutter-free.

  • The Role Of Link Building In Search Engine Optimization 


It is considered that the role of on-page optimization in Search Engine Optimization is 30% while 70% goes to the off-page optimization. Link building is an important SEO technique for off-page Search Engine Optimization.

Link your pages through internal linking on your site. It makes it easier for both the search engine crawlers and users to navigate on your site.

External backlinks are another factor in deciding the importance of your website. But here again, the quality is more important than quantity. You have to build a network of high-quality backlinks on your site in order to rank high.

Creating quality backlinks for your site depends upon your effort and the quality of the content on your site. As we know that Google is all about the users experience these days your website has to give a good experience to users in order to rank high.

  • Web Pages Speed 


Google has made it clear that web page speed is a key factor in determining the ranking of a page. Recent research also suggests that slow-loading pages have higher bounce rates and this has a negative effect on user experience as well as your ranking.

Some important steps in improving your page speed include compressing images and files, removing unnecessary content, cashing your browser and avoid using Java Script.

  • SSL Certificate


Google has told that the SSL certificate is a light-weight ranking factor, so it is very good if you have HTTPS.

These were some of the most important techniques for Search Engine Optimization of a website but remember that the Search Engine Optimization is a lot more than this and a continuous process. You have to consistently apply the techniques and also monitor the performance of your website.