Logo Design Process

What is Logo Designing?


Logo Design is considered very important in establishing a brand identity. Logo can be termed as the identity of a brand. People tend to remember visuals more than the words, that’s why we see logos everywhere in our daily life ranging from toothpaste to clothing brands.

People identify a brand by seeing its logo and this increases the importance of Logo Designing. The history of logos can be traced back to ancient times when people used to brand their cattle with some type of logo.

What is a Brand?

A brand can be defined as a product which a company makes and gives it a particular name. Branding involves the process of presenting a product in the market.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is basically the connection between a company and its consumers. Brand Identity involves many things like logos, typography, fonts, colors, etc.

Types of Logos

Logos are basically a combination of typography and images.

There are 7 main types of logos. Each type of logo design serves its own purpose.


harley davidson logo

It is the oldest form of logo design. These logos were used in Royal Stamps in ancient times.

In Emblem logo, the text is enclosed in a shape. Emblem logos are used to show a traditional appearance which has a distinct impact. Many organizations and government institutions choose this type of logo.

The emblem is also very famous with the automobile industry. Harley Davidson is a striking example of Emblem Logo.

Although Emblem Logos are very good at attracting people, they have a setback too. They are less versatile. These Logos have detailed designs so they can not afford the resizing. Emblems can’t be used in small size such as on business cards.

2- Wordmark or Logotype:

logo design

Wordmark is a font based Logo Design which simply represents a name such as Coca-Cola.  Wordmark is used for a company having a distinct and short name.

Typography plays a very important role in a Wordmark Logo. When designing a Wordmark you have to select a font which best describes the spirit of your business. A Wordmark Logo is a good choice for a new business.

Wordmark is the best choice when the name of your brand is important to you such as Armani, Asim Jofa, etc.

3- Lettermark or Monogram:

logo design

Lettermark is best suited to a company having a long name. you simply pick some initials of the company name and make a logo out of it. NatGeo, NASA, and HBO are good examples of a Lettermark Logo.

Lettermark is a typographic based Logo Design, therefore, fonts play a very important role in the design of these logos. Careful selection of fonts makes the Logo stand out from the crowd and have lasting effects on the consumers.

Lettermark Logo is not suitable for a new business. If in any way a new business selects Lettermark Logo then it should put its full name below the logo to make people know about it. Many fashion brands such as Gucci, Chanel, etc. use Lettermark Logo.

4- Brand Mark/Pictorial Mark or Logosymbols:

how to make a logo

Brand Mark is a graphic based Logo Design. Apple and Twitter are the two best examples of Brand Mark. This Logo is ideal for a business which is well established in its industry. It is obviously not a choice for a new business.

Selecting an image is the most important and crucial part of designing a Brand Mark Logo. Brand Mark usually stays with a company for a very long time, therefore, it is necessary that a Brand Mark conveys the message of a company in a proper way.

A Brand Mark tells people what a particular business is all about. If your company offers a particular product or service, then the image representing the product or service should send a clear message to your audience.

Brand Mark could evolve over time. A good example of evolving is the Starbucks Logo which began as an emblem but now it has converted into a drawing of a mermaid.

If you think that you can best describe your business through an image then you should go for the Brand Mark Logo. But remember that selecting an image which best presents your business can be a very challenging task. People tend to remember a simple form more than a complex one, so it is necessary to use a simple icon or symbol in your Brand Mark Logo.

5- Abstract Logo Mark

logo design

If you want to do something unique and different and also want to avoid the literal mark then Abstract Logo is the right choice for you. Abstract Logo Mark is a pictorial logo in which instead of using a clear image like an apple or a tree, we use abstract geometric shapes.

The divided circle of Pepsi and the striped flower of Adidas are the striking examples of Abstract Logo Mark.

Abstract Logo Mark describes your brand in a simple image. It gives you the ability to create unique shapes to represent your business. In Abstract Logo Mark, carefully using form and color you can give meaning and nurture your brand with emotion. Nike swoosh is the best example of this type of logo. It shows the energy and movement.

Abstract Logo Mark is not limited to a real-world image so it gives you the ability to create any shape which comes to your mind.

When designing Abstract Logo Mark, pay special attention to detail and make it simple enough to understand.  These logos are best suited to stimulate a feeling.  You can differentiate your business from your competitors using abstract Logo Mark.

6- Mascot:

graphic design

Mascot Logos contain illustrated characters that can be colorful as well as cartoonish.  By designing a Mascot Logo you can create your own brand ambassador. KFC’s colonel and planter’s Mr. Peanut are prominent examples of Mascot Logo.

Using Mascot Logo Design for your business is a great way to attract children and families. Don’t use Mascot Logo if you are making a product that is not child-friendly.

Mascots are flexible than other Pictorial Brand Marks. They can have different expressions depending upon the situation.

Mascot Logos are popular among food brands, sports teams, and service companies. If you want your brand to convey a serious message to your clients then use Mascot Logo.

7- Combination Mark

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As the name suggests, a Combination Mark is the combination of all other types of Logos. It is a very practical type of Logo because it contains your name and mark.

In Combination Mark, a picture and text are used together to create an image. Burger King, Dove, and Lacoste are good examples of a Combination Mark. Initially, Nike also used this Logo.

A Combination Mark enables people to associate your business name with your Pictorial Mark or Mascot right away. Due to the presence of both symbols and text, these logos become easier to market. It gives you the opportunity of abandoning your Word Mark or Monogram and keep your Abstract Logo in case your business gets famous in the future.

A Combination Mark is a good choice for a new business but sometimes Combination Marks becomes complicated to use such as on business cards.

Which questions should you ask your client before designing a Logo?

It is very important to ask some questions before you draw a logo for someone else. You have to understand that what does your client want and which type of logo will fulfill his requirements.

Some important questions to ask are as follows:

  • What is the name of your client’s company?
  • In which category his business falls and which products he makes?
  • Ask about his target audience. What is the age of his clients? Ask about their location, gender, and educational level and their interests.
  • Ask for his company’s slogan.
  • In how much time he wants his logo to be ready to use?

Why do you want to create a logo?

You need a logo because you want to attract people towards your business. Logo can be called the face of a brand. It tells people what your business is all about. Remember that a logo is the brand ambassador of your business and it will represent your business all over the world. Therefore making the right logo for your business is crucial for the success of your business.

Your brand Identity

Before designing a logo make it clear what your business does. What is unique about your business? Once you have identified what your business is all about, it will be much easier for you to select a design that will best represent your business.

A logo is the most important design choice which a company can make due to the fact that a logo remains with a company for a very long period of time.

Properties of a Good Logo

A good logo is unique from others. It makes your business stand out from your competitors.

A good logo should be as relevant even after 40 years from now as it is today. A good logo should have the capability to describe well the essence and uniqueness of your business. It should convey the core message of your business to the people.

How to select a Logo Design?

Selecting a design for a logo is probably the most difficult part of the logo designing process. Some good tips regarding design selection are as follows:

  • Start with brainstorming. Find some ideas about your design and note them down.
  • Discuss your ideas with people around you i.e. your family, colleagues, friends, etc.
  • Start to think from the viewpoint of your audience and try to understand what your clients want from your business.
  • Collect images and logo designs that attract you. You can get inspiration from them from time to time.
  • Try to imagine how your business can be expressed through a logo. Decide which kind of images you need to best describe your business. Do you need vintage images or handmade illustrations or geometrical shapes?
  • Search for the different types of logos on the internet. Look at the different types of logos which are common in the field of your client’s business.

Remember that the purpose of all this research is to motivate you to create your own design and not to copy someone else’s work. You should design a logo which is best suited to your client’s needs whether they need a vintage logo or they want to try something new.

Metaphors in Logo Design

Another thing which you should pay attention to is the use of metaphors. When designing a Logo keep in mind the cultural traditions of the country for which you are designing a Logo. It is necessary because many things have different meanings in different cultures.

For example, in some countries, a wolf is considered a savage animal and people hate it, while in some other countries it is the symbol of bravery. Similarly, in some Asian countries, an owl is considered as a symbol of foolishness while in European countries it is the symbol of wisdom. So, it is very important to consider these cultural implications in mind when you are including images in your design.

Which Logo design style you should choose?

After you have clearly understood your brand it’s time to select a design style for your logo. Logo designing involves different elements which include colors, typography, and shapes. Paying attention to each one of them is necessary for a good logo design.

There are many styles to pick from. Some highly famous designs are as follows:

  • Classic style

    Classic Logos are very interesting but one of their setbacks is that they can look outdated pretty soon. The uniqueness of the classic logo lies in its simplicity and avoiding the use of excessive colors.

  • Vintage Style

logo design

Vintage Style represents the past and creates nostalgic feelings among people. This type of logo tells people that your business pays importance to its historical traditions.

  • Modern Style

logo design

Modern Style is recognized by its sleek lines, fewer details, and simple lines. A lot of negative space is used in this style. It conveys the message of being modern and up-to-date to the people.

How to use color in Logo Designing?

logo design online


Colors can be divided into three categories, primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary Colors: Primary Colors are the most important in the color wheel. Primary colors include red, blue, and yellow.

Secondary colors: Include green, purple, and orange. This category is a combination of Primary Colors. For example, we get a green color by mixing yellow and blue. We get orange by mixing red and yellow. Similarly, we get purple by mixing red and blue.

Tertiary Colors: These are the result of the combination of primary and secondary colors. For example, if yellow is mixed with orange, we get yellow-orange. If blue is mixed with green then blue-green is obtained and so on.

Neutral Colors or Earth Tones:

Black, white, and grey are called Neutral Colors.

Tint: If we add white color in any color then we obtain tint of that color. Tint is the lighter version of a color. For example, adding white in blue we get the lighter version of blue color.

Shade: A shade is obtained by mixing black in any color. It is the darker version of a color. Adding black in red gives us a maroon which is darker than red.

Tone:  We get the tone of a color by adding grey to it.

The color wheel can be divided into two parts, Warm Colors, and Cool Colors

Warm Colors: Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange.

Cool Colors:   Cool Colors consist of blue, green, and purple.

Effect of colors on mood

Colors evoke emotions among people. Different colors have different meanings. Let’s take a look at their effects.

Red: Red represents passion, excitement, love, and danger. If you want to design a logo that stands out from the competition then use Red Color.

Yellow: It represents happiness and friendship. If you want to be seen as friendly then yellow is a good choice for you.

Orange: It represents energy and youth.

Black: It is an ideal choice for a modern design logo.

Brown: Probably the best choice for Vintage Style Logos.

Green: It represents nature and peace. It can work well for any type of brand.

Blue: It gives the feeling of calmness.

Pink: Pink is the ideal choice for designing logos for brands which focus particularly on women.

Purple: Purple represents loyalty. You can give a mysterious feeling to your logo by adding purple.

Grey: It is used to present a mature and serious look.

Use of Typography in Logo Designing

logo design

Typography means the representation of words in visual form. It is important to use fonts that are relevant to their topics. Using a suitable font size is also important.

Fonts are generally divided into two types, Serif, and Sans Serif.

Serif means line and sans means without. Some common examples of Serif fonts are Times New Roman, Cooper Black, etc.

Sans Serif includes Arial, Helvetia etc.

Serif fonts are given preference in the design of Classic Logos while Sans Serif fonts are mostly used in modern designs.

Decorative Fonts:

These fonts give a fun element to a design.

Note: Try to use one or maximum of two fonts in a logo


When you have done all the research and inspiration, it’s time to start making your logo. Create some quick sketches of logos based on your ideas of the business. These sketches will help you in choosing your final design.

Negative space plays a very important role in the logo. Think about how the negative space can be useful in making your logo ideal for representing your business. Try to use images in your logos which can give a dynamic look to your logo.

It is better to make sketches of your ideas on paper. It gives you the freedom to make as many sketches as you want and make changes to your sketch.

When you have made some sketches, you can select one and make it ideal for your client. The logo design you have chosen should work well on both light and dark backgrounds. Make your logo as simple as possible. Try to remove excessive elements in your logo.

Color plays a vital role in the logo that’s why you should ask your client what colors they want to see in the logo.                                              

Designing a Logo

Now we start to design a simple logo for an agricultural company in Adobe Illustrator. Our company’s name is garden grow biologicals. When we start thinking about a garden or agriculture-related company many things come to our mind like trees, grass, plants, etc.

I want to make it simple just for giving you an idea of the logo designing process so we shall start by a simple leaf. First of all, find a leaf which you think is suitable for your project.

Take a picture of that leaf and scan it into your computer or you can simply make a sketch of the leaf on paper and then scan the paper into your computer. 

logo design

Using the pen tool, trace the shape of the leaf.

how to design a logo

logo design

logo design

Make some adjustments using selection and direct selection tool.

logo design

logo design online

When you have finalized your design add the gradient to your design.

Now write the name of your company and your logo is ready to use.

logo design


Creating a good logo that can be effective, successful, and popular for a long time is not an easy task. Remember, it takes time to master the logo designing. If you don’t give the necessary time required to design a logo then you will end in a logo that will not properly represent the brand and ultimately will damage your reputation. 

Many opportunities exist for Logo Design experts including freelance work. Following the above-mentioned methods and Principles of Design, you will be able to create good and professional logos that will surely boost your reputation among your clients.