Types Of Freelance Marketplaces

How to start Freelancing? Freelancing websites are the ideal source to start a career in this highly interesting and rewarding career.

The freelance market can be divided into two categories, Traditional Freelance websites, and Non-Traditional Freelance websites.

Traditional Freelance Marketplace

 In this type of market, the employer posts a project and different freelancers bid on that project.

The employer sees the profile of the bidding freelancers and gives the project to the one whose profile he likes the most.

Upwork.com and Guru.com etc are examples of traditional freelance websites.

 Non-traditional Freelance Marketplace

The credit for introducing the Non-Traditional freelance marketplace goes to Fiverr.com.

Fiverr attracted a huge number of users due to its Non-Traditional style in which a freelancer is free from the tricky process of bidding.

In Non-Traditional concept, a freelancer posts his profile and services.

In place of bidding by the freelancer himself, the employer visits the profiles of different freelancers and gives the project to the one which he thinks suitable for his project.

Both Traditional and Non-Traditional freelancing markets are important but if you are a beginner then I shall suggest starting with Fiverr.com as it saves you from the competitive process of bidding.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important freelance platforms o start with. 

List Of Top 5 Freelancing Websites

The list of freelancing websites is very large but for beginners, these five websites can be of great importance.

top freelancing websites

  • Upwork

Upwork is the biggest freelancing market on the planet. Employers from all over the world use the platform of Upwork.

upwork is number one freelancing website

Upwork came into being by the union of two freelance websites, Elance.com and Odesk.com.

Connecting the sellers with buyers and offering highly competitive rates to both of them are some of the most important features of Upwork.

Upwork has 1.5 million clients and it offers jobs related to every niche. No matter what your skill level is, you can find something for you on Upwork.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the highly famous freelancing websites in the world. As the name suggests, every job on Fiverr starts at $5.

5 dollars

Fiverr is maybe the best freelancing website for beginners to start a career in this field.

Here freelancers post their profiles and services rather than employers posting jobs. It has a vast array of niches available in every field.

  • Guru

Guru is another example of highly trusted and famous freelancing websites. Guru.com has 3 million freelancers from all over the world.

This makes it a very large platform in the world of freelancing. There is a very low chance of refusal of your application on Guru.com.

Guru has a broad category of jobs available. It gives you the option of region-specific job postings.

Another positive quality of Guru is the easy process of making a profile on it.

  • PeoplePerHour  

hourly charging

Peopleperhour gives the chance to freelancers to charge per hour. It has 1.5 million freelancers.


Although it is free the competition can be very high so it is advised that you choose a reasonable fee to be more likely to get hired.

  • 99 Designs

Although it is lesser-known in the freelancing world yet it has a great capacity to give you opportunities to succeed in the freelance market.

99 Designs is related to only graphic designing experts.

graphic designing

99 Designs works in a different way than other freelancing websites.

Here employers publish a contest and the graphic designers have to post a design against that contest as their application.

The client chooses the design that he finds suitable to his requirements and pays the money to the creator of that design.