How To Do Off Page SEO Step By Step?

Off page SEO is a topic of much debate among search engine optimization experts. It can be called a sub-branch of the broader field known as SEO.  SEO can be divided into three categories that include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.


Off-Page SEO involves the implementation of different techniques that you apply outside of your website to rank higher. Link building is considered as the most important factor of Off-Page SEO. The goal of search engines is to show the best results to the users against their search queries. Off-Page SEO guides the search engines that how a website is recognized by other websites around the world.

A website with good authority and useful content gets more backlinks from other websites. It is also shared on social media platforms. According to off-site optimization carries more than 50% of the ranking weight.

Types Of Links

Link building is the most important technique of Off-Page SEO. Backlinks are inbound links to a web page i.e. linking a web page to any other page is called a Backlink. Backlinks play a very important role in the off page SEO of a website. Google considers a link as a vote for your website that means 1 link = 1 vote. Google considers the credibility of the websites which are giving links to your website. If you get links from websites with high credibility such as or then it is great for your website.

When a link goes from website A to website B, Google transfers the value of that link to website B. To obtain quality links you have to create user-friendly and useful content regularly.

Google ranks every page on a scale from 0-10 to measure the authority of a page. If you get a link from a website with higher authority then it will be considered as a quality link for your website.

It is better to get a single link from a website having the authority of 10/10 than having a hundred links from the websites with no authority at all.

Backlinks can be divided into three main categories:

  • Natural Links

Those links which you get on the basis of the quality of your content. People start linking your site on their own when your site has good authority and useful content. You don’t have to ask anybody to give you links. These are the best links.

  • Outreach links

These are also called manual outreach links. To create these links, you have to ask people and try to persuade them to click on the links to your website.

Outreaching involves convincing people that your content is of good quality and can be useful to them and in this way you can get links from them.

Some popular ways to outreach include email outreach, social media, and press.

  • Self-created non-editorial links

These links serve the purpose to trick the search engines in assuming that your content is good. This practice falls in the category of black hat SEO and a website having self-created links can be banned by Google.

An example of the self-created links includes blog comments.

Link building techniques

  • Social Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking is an important off page SEO technique. It involves sharing your website bookmarks with other people. It is one of the best techniques in making your website popular.

Some popular social bookmarking sites include Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, off page seoLinkedin, Pinterest, etc. Make sure to give a proper title, description, and focus keyword when sharing your website link on these sites.

1- Article Submission

Submitting your articles in article submission directories having a high PR can be helpful for you to get backlinks. Providing useful and quality content will persuade readers to visit your website. Give a unique title to your article before submitting it. Some of the famous article submission sites include,,, etc.

2- Video submission

If you want to make a video popular you should submit your video on famous video submission sites. Give a proper title and description to your video and add proper tags. Some famous video submission sites include Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.

3- Image submission

Sharing images on popular image submission sites is a good strategy for link building. Make sure to give proper title and description to your images before submitting them. Some highly popular image submission sites include Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

4- Infographic submissionoff page seo

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Some popular infographics submission sites include Reddit,, etc.

5- Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 represents the second generation of the World Wide Web. Through web 2.0 submission we can share our content through HubPages, blog sites, etc. Web 2.0 sites include WordPress, blogger, etc. We can create sub-domains in their domains.

6- Blog Directory Submission

It is a technique of submitting your website URL on business directories. Through directory submission, you can get backlinks and increase the domain authority of your website. Top business listing directories Facebook Business Pages,,, Google My business, etc.

7- Forum submission

Forum Submission is also an important off page SEO technique. Visit forums that are related to your website and answer people’s queries. Famous forums submission sites include,, etc.

8- PDF Submission

Through PDF submission we can get high-quality backlinks. Create PDF files of your content and share them on popular PDF submission sites. Some famous PDF submission sites are,,

9- RSS Feed Submission

RSS is the abbreviation of Really Simple syndication. RSS Feed is the text file that allows your subscribers to see your content within a very short period when you update the content on your website.

Other off page SEO Techniques

Any technique that you apply outside of your website to improve the ranking of your site is called off page SEO.  It includes Social Media Campaigns, Guest Blogging and Influencer Marketing. All these efforts aim to make the presence of your website links on other websites.


Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO are equally important in making a website rank higher. You have to apply both techniques to get the desired results. When you are trying to get links, remember that the best way to create backlinks is to create quality content and then applying the off page SEO techniques.